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Farming equipment and technology fund (FETF) 2024

Baston (Peterborough), March 22nd, 2024 – Recognizing the vital role that modern equipment and innovative technologies play in shaping the future of farming, the government is committed to providing support and resources to empower farmers across the nation.

Through this fund, we invite farmers to apply for grants (Grant amount (£): 902) to invest in cutting-edge METOS® weather station.

Government funding is crucial for supporting farmers’ actions because it provides necessary resources and assistance to ensure the vitality of agriculture, safeguarding food security and economic stability for communities,

says David Whattoff, CEO of METOS® UK by Pessl Instruments.

By embracing innovation and modernization, we can enhance productivity, reduce environmental impact, and ensure the long-term sustainability of British agriculture.

We are happy to join the cause with 10 of our METOS® weather stations, contributing to the support and advancement of IoT in agriculture,

added Mr. Whattoff.


For more information about the funding, please visit the official website here, write us on, or fill the contact form below.

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